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Product News

  • Folding Shopping Carts


    If you leave the supermarket loaded with a multitude of bags and do real juggling to get to your home, you should know that this action can come to invoice the joints of your body. If, for whatever reasons, you do not want or cannot drive to the supermarket, or if you need a way to better manage your purchase, you should bet on folding shopping carts. Read More



    Movement of people from one place to another is one activity that remains inevitable. There are various reasons for doing that which include; businesses, tourism, education, visits distant friends and family members amongst others. During this period, most people would like to go along with one or m Read More

  • Do I Need a Folding Trolley


    When it comes to conveying your goods quickly and easily, a folding platform trolley is often the best solution for you. Folding platform trolleys have many advantages over other types of trolley and in this post, I will like to take a closer look at some of them.The first thing you need to know abo Read More

  • What are the Trolley coin key rings?


    In this intense era of marketing, if an organization plans to promote the brand using different promotional products, it is useful to choose something beneficial for your targeted audience. And this serves as a great way to engage customers. Read More

  • Supermarket Shopping Basket Market 2018


    Everyone loves shopping and shopping entails carrying the stuffs you purchase from the stores or supermarkets. Often carrying the items you buy from the stores may be to stressful but this stress becomes alleviated when you make use of a supermarket shopping basket. There are many different supermar Read More

  • Is the Coin Lock Suitable for All Kinds of Shopping Carts?


    If you are one of those who think shopping carts are just a means to an end, then you are wrong. To the retailers, it is far more than just a simple service. It is rather an advertisement and a calling card as it promotes sales as well as customer loyalty. Read More

  • Supermarket Checkout Counter (2)


    It is a very common practice to have a checkout counter in a departmental store or a supermarket. You can derive more benefits from the counter with a little novel and innovating methods than others. In fact, a smart entrepreneur can adopt strategies to pitch in more sales in a supermarket checkout counter. Read More

  • Supermarket Checkout Counter (1)


    Checkout counters or supermarket checkout equipment plays a vital role in departmental stores, grocery stores, and retail stores, and they prove effective in making the entire process of cash-n-carry simple and effective. You can find several types of checkout counters at an affordable rate. The che Read More

  • How a Basket with Adequate Wheels Can Benefit Your Business


    Many stores realize the importance of shopping baskets and have gone along to make shopping baskets commonplace in stores. But, for most store and supermarket owners, the purchase of this store equipment is simply functional – a modern necessity. But shopping baskets are not just a necessity, they b Read More

  • Shopping Baskets Became More Eye-catching Again


    Recently, shopping basket appeared once again in the media, and this time it’s in the business Spanish newspaper. This is the leading newspaper in Spain and the CEO of shopping basket Santo del Solar was interviewed. During the course of the interview, Del Solar talk about the purchasing of the comp Read More




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