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After all these years of shopping, have you used right the supermarket cart?

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It is well known that there is a folding board on the supermarket trolley, and some people always think it is for children! And in the supermarket, you often see children sitting on it, and if it's a bigger child, it's sitting in the cart, or sitting. However, the fact that the board was not for children, the cart was not for children. It's just a car for the goods, because there are more safety hazards in the supermarket carts.

1. There are more bacteria in the supermarket. There are all kinds of products, some of which may be raw meat, eggs, etc., and there may be salmonella, e. coli, etc. on the cart. When children don't wash their hands in time, they go to eat their hands, or when they eat, they bring bacteria into their bodies. If children have strong resistance, there is no problem. But if they are weak, it’s very susceptible to infection.

2.Personal safety is under threat. It's easy to get a snack on the shelf when a child is sitting on a cart, and when you meet your favorite, you have to reach for it. If the center of gravity is unstable, or if the wheel of the cart fails, and the parents fail to help, it is likely that the cart will be overturned and the injury is inevitable.

3.  The cart has the maximum weight limit of the supermarket trolley, which can bear up to 30 kg. The cart is no longer safe after the upper limit. Many children, aged three or four, are already able to reach the upper limit, and are overweight if they are placed in the purchase. Once the weight is over, the whole cart will not be strong enough, and the wheels will be more prone to failure, so the older children had better not put in the car and increase the unsafe probability.

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Changshu Jinsheng/Beisco provides children with special children's shopping trolley to avoid these three awkward. It is the best choice for supermarket operators to meet the needs and ensure the convenience of customers.




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