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Beisco People Pull Themselves Together though Team Building

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On June 10, 2018, Beisco, mainly responsible for exporting supermarket shelf, organized a team-building event on a camping island in Suzhou Shihu Scenic Spot. Our employees of Export Department and their families engaged in various activities, such as laser Counter Strike, rock climbing, nametag ripping battle, outdoor karaoke, and foot massage on the press plate. Moreover, we barbecued all together. The pictures below show that we are a bouncy team and full of energy.

team building of Beisco

This team building enriches our spare time and relieves our stresses, which better realizes a balance of between work and recreation. As a kind of employee welfare, it also strengthens the bond among colleagues and promote mutual feelings. Most importantly, this event encourages our Beisco people. It plays a vital role in improve work efficiency, cultivate team spirit and our perseverance, which inspires us to get the best out of us to offer more superior quality products for our customers and serve them more considerately.

Beisco--supermarket shelf manufacturer, established in 1998, is a market leader of the supermarket equipment industry. Since the founding, we have been always working with the aims of “quality first” and “customer first”. Welcome to know more information about our company Beisco!




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