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Folding Shopping Carts

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If you leave the supermarket loaded with a multitude of bags and do real juggling to get to your home, you should know that this action can come to invoice the joints of your body. If, for whatever reasons, you do not want or cannot drive to the supermarket, or if you need a way to better manage your purchase, you should bet on folding shopping carts.

The shopping carts are designed to house a large capacity, being able to introduce daily or weekly purchases without problems. In addition, as we only have to pull them, not load them, they will help us both to avoid getting tired, and to avoid the possibility of any kind of injury.

One of the main advantages of choosing a folding shopping cart is that it will not occupy much space in the home; At the time when we are not using it, we can use its folding system to store it in any corner of our house.

If you are looking for a quality shopping cart, but at a good price, you are in the correct section. In addition, thanks to our complete purchase guide you will have it much easier.

Considerations to take into account when buying folding shopping trolleys


One of the main problems we have when we want to look for goodfolding shopping carts is the wide variety of brands and models that exist in the market. Although such variety may seem positive, we may feel somewhat overwhelmed by not knowing what to choose.

A trick that never fails is to bet on a good brand. Among the most popular, Playmarket, Gimi and Rolser, are quality brands that will really offer you a durable and sturdy shopping cart.

Dimensions and weight

Choosing folding shopping carts that are light is not optional. If you have chosen to weigh a lot, and have exaggerated dimensions, the most likely is that you only use it once, and then finish it by parking in any closet.

Do not choose a model that weighs more than 5kg, because you'll end up regretting your decision. Some cars weigh less than 3kg, still lighter.


Analyze if the shopping cart carries what is known as a "thermo bag"; that is to say, that the material that has been used to manufacture the bag is able to retain the temperature inside, making the food arrive fresh in your home. Some have a special section where they can be placed. There are some other factors like the wheels,  the handle bar, cart capacity etc.




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