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Great Trolleys and Carts Are useful for All Kinds of Occasions

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Everyone knows the famous tote on wheels that we drag on the markets. And for good reason: it is the most widespread. Yet, there are different types of shopping carts and trolleys useful for all kinds of occasions.

trolley cart

Let’s look at them thus;

The chariot racing wheels 2 as the shopping trolley Kraft Tyvek, which is the most common. In view of its design, this kind of tote is designed to be pulled behind you. This can lead to back or shoulder pain, especially in case of a high load. It is not necessarily the most recommended for the elderly or affected by mobility disorders.

The 4-wheel shopping cart, like the Ergo up a shopping cart, is more suitable for this type of user. Indeed, its four wheels provide more stability and can push it, hence its other name: the stroller market. There are also shopping trolleys with the walker function such as the Shop roll walker shopping trolley. This can make it a real walking aid coupled with the function of the tote. This model is more recommended for people with balance problems and back pain. It has the advantage of minimizing the weight of the load.

The 6-wheel shopping trolley, like the 6-wheel Ara Trolley, is designed to make it easier to cross obstacles such as curbs, outdoor steps or stairs. Indeed, the 3-wheel system present on each side of the truck avoids having to lift it. A rotation is made, which allows continuing his way normally. If you wish to be able to rest during your ride, bring you the shopping trolley with the seat.

Shopping trolley with the 6-wheeled seat to facilitate the crossing of obstacles.

The shopping trolley with seat has 6 wheels, which facilitates the crossing of obstacles.

Features of the shopping trolley

shopping trolley

To these different types of the shopping cart are added several features:

Folding shopping trolleys such as the Rollz Flex Rolling Roller Cart reduce space requirements. This facilitates their storage and transportation in the trunk of a car for example.

Others are equipped with a seat like the Lett 800 Carlett Chariot.  It is either a seat to unfold, or a seat placed above the bag. These shopping trolleys are very practical because they allow you to pause on the way. They are therefore particularly suitable for the elderly and those who get tired quickly during walks because of certain pathologies.

Finally, the shopping trolleys have different characteristics: one or more removable compartments or not, the presence of an insulated bag, waterproof or anti-stain coating, adjustable handlebar height, etc.


In order to choose the most suitable model for your needs, several criteria must be taken into account.

Your personal abilities

There are different types of shopping trolleys, more or less adapted according to your abilities

  • If you get tired quickly, a model with a seat will be ideal.

  • In the case of back pain, choose a model to push.

  • If you have balance problems, a 2 in 1 walker will be better.

  • If you live in an apartment and have limited storage space, choose a folding shopping cart instead.

Your shopping habits

All shopping carts do not have the same capacity.

The number of bags and their characteristics is also to be taken into account according to your habits. So, if you consume a lot of frozen products, prefer a model with an insulated bag. If you tend to carry heavy objects such as water packs, choose a model with a removable bag, which can be transformed into a trolley.

In case you go shopping on foot, pay attention to your environment. If you are in town, you will encounter few obstacles apart from the sidewalks.

Your budget

The budget you are willing to invest in your shopping cart is crucial. There are indeed at all prices.




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