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Health Life Starts in the Supermarket

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Health is an essential need of man. However, eating habits are changing, with less emphasis on the traditional three meals a day, giving way to more focus on food that is ‘ready to go,’ convenient and supports a ‘food grazing’ lifestyle.

Arguably, the fruit and vegetable sector has not kept up with this changing environment. With relatively fewer ‘convenient’ fruit and vegetable offerings, ‘food swamps’ have developed, crowding out fruit and vegetables not only in terms of the fruit and vegetable to snack food ratio on retail shelves and vegetable and fruit display racks , but also in terms of fast food outlets and the swamping of nutrient-rich food choices by energy dense alternatives.

Retailers are very often the face of the food industry and have a responsibility to ensure store layouts, product availability on the vegetable and fruit display racks, in-store labeling, on-pack and online messaging is conducive to selling more fruit and vegetables. They can also enable consumers to eat more healthily by selling more ‘snack ready’ fruit and vegetable products and increasing the volume of fruit and vegetables both within, and also sold alongside ready meals.

With the increasing clamor for healthy eating, the supermarkets and other grocery stores have significant roles to play. How? By the proper display of these foods in the supermarket shelf . This way, there are greater chances of triggering impulse purchase. What this means is that even a shopper who does not have the intention of getting fruit or vegetable, as not included in the list, might be encouraged to get one. The vegetable and fruit display rack is very useful in this regard as it serves as a means of preaching health.

Eating fruit daily is mandatory. Within the five meals that must be done each day to maintain our healthy eating habits, it is necessary to eat fruit in at least three of those meals. If you do it at five o'clock, it would be perfect. You can vary the type of fruit that you want to eat. You do not have to repeat always with the same variety. Strengthening fruit intake regularly will be very important and beneficial to your health.


Fruits are made up of water and all kinds of beneficial vitamins for your body and your mind. There is no better way to acquire this type of vitamins in a natural way than eating fruit. Your body needs this type of beneficial chemical substances that provide fruits to maintain a balance. There are people who are too lazy to eat fruit. But I encourage you not to fall for that though. If you want you can!

Indeed, a healthy life might as well start in the supermarket for those who have no prior knowledge of the importance of Store display racks in their diet. There is a need for a food system and food policy that goes much further in helping to ensure that families can eat more healthily. 




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