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How a Supermarket shelf Can Boost the Sale Of Any Business

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Opening a mini or supermarket is a good option for the entrepreneur who wants to start a business in his neighborhood. The alternative is interesting depending on the reduced costs to open and maintain the business and offers the possibility of starting to make a profit. The investment, however, requires a lot of attention.

supermarket shelf

Before opening a mini-market, the entrepreneur must consider certain conditions that are essential for the success of this type of project.

Did you know that the light, the order of the products and the distribution of the supermarket shelves is pure marketing? Here we reveal the strategies that large stores use to buy what they want.

It is a task that is done, at least, once a week. In these establishments, thousands of food, drink and cleaning products 'compete' to get your attention and, at the same time, you also want to acquire as many items as possible - even those you did not need. These techniques are used in large shopping centers, as well as in those specialized in technology, furniture, etc., and in small stores.

Many of the products of 'attraction', that is to say, those that you are sure to have on the shopping list, are usually always at the bottom of the establishment: milk, oil, bread, fruit ... Until they reach you they will make you travel through corridors - strategically designed so you can see what they want you to see - with the so-called 'irrational products', which are those you did not expect to buy ... but which will end up in your cart or cart. In a hypermarket, it is about products that are not food: bazaar, household goods, clothes, appliances, etc. with little rotation but a very high profit margin for the company.

When you get to the supermarket shelf

The products are placed in four levels, depending on what you want to sell. 9% of what is sold is in the upper part, 52% at eye level, 26% at hand, and 13% at ground level. Normally, the white marks are placed at the height of the view because they are the ones that have more margin for the supermarket and, in addition, loyalty. A little lower or higher are the leading brands and at the ends the products with lower prices or the promotions of a single product at a very good price so that an impulse purchase is carried out.

On the supermarket shelf, there are different products and brands that strive to stand out in the best way to attract the attention of potential consumers and, ultimately, induce the purchase. An objective that can only be achieved with the help of Merchandising, a fundamental link for obtaining results within the commercial chain.

This essential technique of Point of Sale Marketing guarantees the presence of products in strategic places, making them relevant and clearly distinguishable. Merchandising allows a focus on the point of sale to meet the buyer instead of just waiting passively, trying to improve turnover, space management, inventory control, etc.




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