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How to Maximize Retail Display Space

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Have you ever visited a supermarket and become discouraged because you could only get half of the things you are supposed to buy? This is quite disappointing especially when you expect to get everything that you need. The next time you go shopping, you would probably go to another store and if they maximize their retail display space and also arrange their goods appropriately, you won’t have any reason to go elsewhere.clothes-rack

One of the keys to getting ahead of the competition in the retail industry is to provide all the necessary shopping needs of the customers. In retail merchandising, the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” is applicable. Whenever customers see the items in the product display shelf, they will most likely buy the product. They would always ask if a product is available or not. With the increasing need of the consumers nowadays, and the constant change in trend and consumer preference, it is crucial for the vendor to maximize the potential of their merchandise display. The more product variations there are in the store, the more attractive it is to the consumers. This could result in an increased customer satisfaction, sales as well as profit.

What Are the Benefits of Maximizing Display Space?

There are several benefit store owners can derive from maximizing their display space and the most important benefits include the following:

More product SKUs: The more space you have to display merchandise the more products you can stock in your store. And display hook can be used so as to have enough space

More supplier support: With tough competition in the retail business, all suppliers would want their products to be allocated a space in a store, preferably in the most conspicuous area. Most suppliers are willing to bargain for marketing support as well as higher space rental so as to get the space they want.

More organized and controlled display: An organized and well-controlled display area results in the maximization of space. When your store is well-organized it is easier to monitor your stock and replace when they are sold. There would be minimal incidents of pilferage and theft as well.

Increased consumer satisfaction: Aside from good quality products and services that the store offers, availability is also very important to the consumer. Product prices prove irrelevant in comparison to convenience and quality.

Increased sales and profit: With increased consumer satisfaction, increase sales and profit follow. A word of mouth based on personal experience is the oldest but still the most effective marketing tool.

How to Maximize Display Space

Maximizing display space does not necessarily mean overcrowding of stock. Disorganized and rambled stock are a total turn off to customers. It does not provide the appropriate mood for a wonderful shopping experience. When maximizing display space, a retailer must bear in mind that the main objective is to properly allocate a space for as many products as possible. All merchandise inside the warehouse must be displayed on the store floor using display hook. A good result begins with a good plan and a good plan is a result of a knowledgeable, well-informed as well as creative mind. The first thing therefore is to equip one’s self with the concepts of retail as well as visual merchandising.




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