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Increasing Sales By placing shopping Baskets at the Right Place in the Store

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You might be thinking how can the sales be related to shopping baskets in the store. But what if we tell you that there are so many customers who do not pick up the basket at a proper time and then they feel frustrated; to make matters worse, they leave. Now if you observe closely, a great number of potential sales gets lost just because of one misfortune, the customer chooses to be frustrated by not picking up the shopping basket.

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Now you see the point? Great so to make sure this doesn’t happen at your store. Here is some way by which you can make your customer shop by placing the baskets at the right point.

· You must Place the Shopping Baskets Where They Are Visible

That is the biggest trick you can do by playing with simple psychology. You need to place your shopping baskets where customers could see them. You need to understand that people are lazy and they won’t go searching for a shopping basket in a big store. They would just prefer to juggle the groceries in their hand and then drop them at once. Therefore, you must place them where customers can easily see them. That way you are not irritating them by hiding the one thing they need the most while doing grocery

· Make Your Staff offer the customer shopping Baskets

Customer value is the key to any retailing store. You have to make sure that your customers are at ease with your place. It is your job to make them enjoy their visit to your store. So train your staff to offer every customer a shopping basket whom they see without one. Also, quick service and efficient environment also make the customers come again.

· Position Your Shopping Baskets after Every few positionings

To place shopping baskets in one position is kind of suicide for a retailing store. Imagine you have a three-story store and the customer goes to the first floor without the shopping basket. Next thing he remembers that he needs one. Now, don’t you think it will annoy the customer to go down all the way just to get it? He might complete his shopping however, will hardly come again. In order to avoid any such situations, you need to scatter your shopping baskets everywhere.

Final Verdict

When you have a shopping store each and everything matters. Shopping baskets is a very important part of the whole grocery purchasing phenomenon. Make sure you make it your strong point.




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