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Is the Coin Lock Suitable for All Kinds of Shopping Carts?

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coin lock on shopping trolley

If you are one of those who think shopping carts are just a means to an end, then you are wrong. To the retailers, it is far more than just a simple service. It is rather an advertisement and a calling card as it promotes sales as well as customer loyalty. To the customers, there is one thing they think about the shopping carts/baskets, guess what it is; convenience!

This explains why the shopping carts have to be upgraded with numerous service functions and applications for improved efficiency and better customer experience. One of these functions is the unique coin lock. To the shopping carts manufactures, this is a good application and a perfect invention, but most retailers would ask ‘if there is any coin lock suitable for all kinds of shopping carts’.

At this point, it would be appropriate to briefly look at some of the different types of shopping carts available to help us with the question.

Types of shopping carts:

The different types of shopping carts available in most retail stores include:

roller basket

Roller Basket:

Just as the name implies, it is basically a basket with wheels. This is ideal for customers who are only picking up a few items. There is no need for a coin lock here!

cargo cart

Cargo Cart:

The cargo cart is mainly used for maneuvering large items. This is in contrast to the roller basket which is ideal for transporting small items,

basket cart

Basket Cart:

Basket carts are great for small sized stores with narrower aisles.

Others include:

The child cart which is a miniature version of the standard shopping cart intended to keep children happy while their parents are engaged with a selection of items.

The Tote cart which is designed mainly for relatively heavy items or loads.

Basically, the coin lock is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to prevent the theft of your store baskets and ensure the return of your shopping carts. It is installed on each of the shopping carts. A customer who wants to unlock the shopping cart can insert a $ 0.25 or $ 1 coin or a specially designed piece of PVC into the slot which is provided for this purpose.

Apart from the different materials for locking the cart, one coin lock may not be suitable for all the different types of shopping locks. For example, the roller cart, which is basically made of plastics and without any rectangular handle to accommodate any form of lock.

But it is important for retailers to contact any competent shopping cart manufacturer to help them in making your choice of a cart and a suitable coin lock if need be.




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