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Shopping Baskets Became More Eye-catching Again

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Recently, shopping baskets appeared once again in the media, and this time it’s in the business Spanish newspaper. This is the leading newspaper in Spain and the CEO of shopping basket Santo del Solar was interviewed. During the course of the interview, Del Solar talk about the purchasing of the company and other strategic plans which would be put in place in the next 5 years.

Shopping baskets and carts for retail was purchased by Santi del Solar, he developed a five year strategic plan so as to boost the activities of the company. Their products can be found in the supermarket of 50 different countries across the world but they are not displayed on the shelves.

Shopping basket which is the Catalan manufacturer of shopping baskets as well as trolleys for retail purposes has started a new stage after it was purchased by Santi del Solar in March, a bank executive who had previously participated in several companies in different sector.

shopping basket appeared once again in the media

The mall is based in Barcelona and founded in 2008, shopping basket obtained last year a turnover of EUR 3.5 million. The sales also increased in relation to that of 2015 by 12% and the export represented a 90$ of the entire amount, being the Middle East, Latin America as well as Europe.

SB’s baskets as well as trolleys are present in retail chains like Lidl, Auchan, Migros, Tommy, Masions as well as some Spanish chain such as Dia and BonArea. Not only are that SB’s products available in supermarkets and supercenters, but also in toy stores, drugstores, sport stores or cosmetics stores.

The new owner further explained that the major factor to the acquisition of the company have been the executive team, the geographical diversification, the wide range of products as well as the soundness of the business. The investment in shopping basket is a long term and it is aimed to make the company a worldwide standard.

The products of shopping baskets are manufactured by an alliance with a third party. This is a differential element towards the competitors which allow a complete control of the production value chain. Santi del Solar stated that quality is one of the prominent factor which the company consider and can be achieved if necessary factors are considered during the manufacturing process. Because of this, Shopping Basket has a share in Cell Plastic, whose production plant is in the outskirts of Barcelona.

A five year strategic plan has been developed by the company and the challenge is to ensure a wide coverage around the world. In accordance with Del Solar, the plan will focus on the points such as opening of new markets, customer experience, and development of new products as well as the complete integration of the value chain.

Presently, Shopping Basket aims to lunch three new products in 2018, by an inversion of EUR1 million, thereby expecting a investment of 20% increase. Additionally, the company is also considering expanding it acquisition so as to extend their portfolio or to consolidate markets.




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