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Strategies to Increase the Incomes of Your Supermarket

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When looking for ways to help increase the incomes of your supermarket, it is important to note that studying the behaviors of your customers is very important. There are lots of variables that influence the decisions that your customers make. These variables make them choose some certain products or to help increase their rate of shopping. In this article, we will show you some interesting strategies that would help you increase the incomes of your supermarket.

The power of decimals

I never knew how powerful this trick was till I did a research on it myself, the last phone I bought was for $89. But I didn’t realize that what was on the price tag was $88.99. I thought I’d paid $88, not knowing I paid $89 complete. The old trick of adding decimals to the price keeps convincing the shoppers like it did to me. So, a product costing $4.99 would be viewed as $4 instead of $5. It will immediately be interpreted to be a cheap product.

Make them feel special

One of the reasons why your customers aren’t coming back again is because at one point they’ve been treated unfairly and attended t in a rude way. You have to offer your customer a great shopping experience, this is highly important if you want them to keep coming back which would interpret as a very positive impact.


The free delivery works

Most of the times, the reason why your customers aren’t coming back is that of difficult mobility, the lack of time and the inconvenience that comes with coming to your supermarket. Offering your customers free delivery for a minimum spend will definitely have your customers coming back to your supermarket.

Product placement

The product that you want to stand out should be at eye level while the product that could be an alternate should be in a less visible place. One more thing, the indispensable products, products like vegetables and water should be in the furthest area of your supermarket.

What’s the capacity of your shopping cart

The capacity of the shopping cart in your supermarket determines the income you get at the end – shocking? The capacity of your cart should never be the one to limit your customers a larger basket can help increase your income. The trick behind this is that most consumers don’t fill satisfied if their cart isn’t fill. So, work on that too.




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